Oct. 2019 – Late

Cancelled due to Corona
Miley Serious (99cts rcrds, Paris)
Albert (Raw Materials)

Combining Street smart with high art, Miley Serious music is not unlike her hometown Paris itself: A melange of subcultures, homegrown currents, and influences from abroad. People often tend to forget, the city of love can erupt at any time. Especially when the hopes and dreams of the many collide with reality. It is this edge, that Miley thrives on. Mixing acid, ghetto house, industrial, and techno. And while this just might be the perfect soundtrack for a revolution, it definitely is the perfect soundtrack for a rowdy party.
Unfortunately, we had to postpone this event due to the Covid-19 epidemic. We´ll reschedule when throwing sweaty raves is safe again.

Sa. 29.02.2020
Etapp Kyle (Ostgut Ton, UKR)
Albert (Raw Materials)

Growing up deep in the countryside of Ukraine Etapp Kyle has always had to go the extra mile for new and exciting music. Years later this dedication has earned him a residency at one of techno’s most iconic venues: Berghain / Panorama Bar. He is known for his cavernous and often hallucinatory trademark sound. But while those sound aesthetics are still present his DJ sets, lately he has been venturing off the straight and narrow into rhythmically far more interesting territories. This is why we´ve invited him over for a spin – Taking a walk on the wild side is exactly what we are all about.

Fr. 31.01.2020
Akua (Discwoman, NYC)
Albert (Raw Materials)

Hailing out of Brooklyn NYC, our next guest is a force behind the decks. By cherry-picking only the more excentric pieces from 90s Techno, Acid, and Rave, she keeps the energy high on the Dancefloor and your mind right in the zone. Her adventurous approach to mixing paired with an impeccable taste makes her a perfect addition to this season’s line up of nonconformist techno rebels.

Mi. 25.12.2019
Irakli (STAUB, I/Y, Berlin)
Albert (Raw Materials)

Originally hailing from Georgia, Irakli is deeply entrenched in Berlins Techno underground. From hosting the notorious Staub parties at about blank and running the accompanying label to producing tons of new material at the intergalactic research institute for sound – his focus is always on the one thing that matters the most: The Music. Using it as the ultimate stimulant he seeks to hypnotize people whenever he takes control of the DJ booth.

Fr. 29.11.2019
Sybil (Siren, London)
Albert (Raw Materials)

Always digging for the darker shades of the electronic realm, the techno elf from London chooses her raw materials very carefully. By fusing pulsation techno with hard, broken rhythms and refining the blend with deep droning noisescapes, she creates an alloy that can disrupt the space-time continuum. And right there, in the middle of nothingness and everything is where we meet: Celebrating. Now!

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RRRKRTA (Brutaz, Warsaw)
Albert (Raw Materials)

Infamous and admired in equal measure – Rrrkrta and his label Brutaż are an integral part of the polish underground. Equipped with a healthy DIY Attitude and a vision, he is always trying to push peoples expectations of how a proper club night should sound and feel. He is an expert at finding the most exciting dance music for cheap. Scouring the 1€uro bins wherever he goes, he digs up the bangers you didn’t even know existed.

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