Raw Materials with Sybil (Siren, London)

„Always digging for the darker shades of the electronic realm, the techno elf from London chooses her raw materials very carefully. By fusing pulsation techno with hard, broken rhythms and refining the blend with deep droning noisescapes, she creates an alloy that can disrupt the space-time continuum. And right there, in the middle of nothingness and everything is where we meet: Celebrating. Now!“ – Albert.

Sybil (SIREN, NTS Radio, London)

Here are the Details:

Raw Materials
Line Up: Sybil (Siren, London), Albert (Raw Materials)
Date: Fr. 29.11.2019
Starts: 23:59 Ends: 05:00 Duration: 5hrs
Location: Disco Zwei, T6,14, 68161 Mannheim