23:00 – 05:00hrs
ERAM (ZonaEXP, Porto Alegre, BR)
Albert (Raw Materials)

„Almost two and a half years after our last dance we can finally dance again. This calls for a proper celebration. That’s why we invited Porto Alegre’s finest ERAM to open #season10 in style. Her unique blend of ghetto tech infused footwork, jungle and brazilian funk is the perfect start of our most uncompromising #season to date. So strap up those comfy trainers and get ready for some high energy dance music the likes of which you won’t hear anywhere else in this city. Raw Materials is back!“ – Albert.

Listen to ERAM!


23:59 – 05:00hrs
Mafou (Somatic Rituals, Basel, CH)
Albert (Raw Materials)

„Watch out, we’ve got original stereoman Mafou rolling through. His bass heavy signature sound is blending UK informed cuts with hypnotic rhythms from around the globe. And as a resident at Basels prestigious Club Elysia, he regularly gets to show off his skills on one of the best sound systems in Europe. This Friday he is back in our humble booth, bringing the heat. So grab a towel, call a friend and join us in the sweaty basement!“ – Albert.

Listen to Mafou!


23:59 – 05:00hrs

Acidfinky (BLVSH, Berlin)
Albert (Raw Materials)

„It’s our last dance before the Summer break and of course we are closing it with a bang. Thats why we invited Berlin based Selector Acidfinky to take us on a deep dive into her record collection. The founding member of the BLVSH collective is an expert at lighting up any dance floor with her bass heavy blends. So hop in your trainers on and get those gun fingers ready!“ – Albert.

Listen to Acidfinky!


23:59 – 05:00hrs

Albert (Raw Materials)
ATAK DK (Spectral Leakage)

„Somethings don’t have to be complicated. Parties for example: We bring the vibes, you bring the energy – and boom, we’re raving. Simple really. ATAK DK is going to warm up the dance floor with some nice breakbeat infused techno, and I will take over afterwards to play the late set for a change. So, no way you are going to miss it this time right? RIGHT?!“ – Albert


Listen to Albert!


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