Raw Materials Program #season1


Oktober 2015 – March 2016

#06 #03
Fr. 18.03.2016
Courtesy (Apeiron Crew, Copenhagen)
Dogpatrol (Mannheim)

#06 #02
Fr. 11.03.2016
Sven Helwig (Robert Johnson)
DMan (HD800)

#06 #01
Fr. 04.03.2016
Julian Bender (Hangin‘ Tough)
Maximilian Klee (That Clientele)


Rules & Regulations

1. Respect everyone! Everybody is welcome, regardless of their looks, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity. Everything is possible, as long as consent is given and the local law is being followed. If you are unsure about anything, make sure to ask. Overstepping the basic rules of engagement can and will get you kicked out.

2. We do not tolerate any form of sexism, racism, misogyny, trans*-, inter*- or homophobia! If any of this triggers you: Don’t come! Violating this rule will get you kicked out.

3. Help out when help is needed, but be mindful of personal space and boundaries. Common sense applies!

4. Please respect everybody’s privacy and keep your phone out of your hands as much as possible. Taking Photos or recording Videos is prohibited.

5. You might not always like what you see or hear at our parties, it might even offend you. But instead of getting irritated maybe it helps you to remember this: moments don’t last forever and change is bound to happen eventually! So, as long as it is not violating any of the aforementioned rules, let things happen and don‘t tell the DJ how much you hate the selection.