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“As a DJ Minou Oram is always searching for ways to evoke physical catharsis through sound. Using a wealth of musical influence, she likes to conjure up soundscapes that draw the listeners deep into her world. Be it murky abstract electronica or distorted industrial rawness, anything goes when she’s in control. Except maybe for generic [...]

“A resident of Leipzig’s very own techno Temple Institut fuer Zukunft, Perm is an expert at creating an intimate dance floor experience. Both, as a DJ and as a Producer. His DJ Sets are not overly concerned with genre restrictions but tend to be captivating excursions that border on the hypnotic. And his records on [...]

“As one of Kraków’s key figures, Olivia has been shaping Poland’s techno underground for more than a decade. And, oh Girl, can you hear that in her sets. With a keen sense for the darker, grittier strains of techno, acid and electro she weaves a mesmerizing sonic tapestry that is destined to destroy any dance [...]

“Growing up on underground music as diverse as Punk and Reggae tends to make techno DJs much less boring. And Essika pretty much proves my point. Her widescreen approach to electronic music makes for exciting dance floor experiences. And her skills not only earned her residencies at Munich clubbing institutions Rote Sonne and MMA, but [...]